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About myself

My interest in computers started in the ZX81 days when the sort of power now available wasn't even dreamed of, by the likes of me. I did have the opportunity to move into mainframe computing sometime in the 70's but rejected the move to stay in mechanical engineering. If I had realised the changes that were to occur my decision might have been different.

The majority of my working life was devoted to development activities related to Lucas (CAV) Fuel Injection Equipment for diesel engines. The last four years before retirement was spent in production management, an area I enjoyed immensely. My career with Lucas Industries enabled me to retire at a comparatively young age, although I have now reached the age at which I would have retired anyway. And more!

My current interests are:  

Computer Interests

I have an interest in computer programming originally with BASIC then Microsoft Visual Basic for Windows. In between, during my DOS days I dabbled with assembler. As the ultimate logic puzzle assembler can't be beaten!

My last Visual Basic project was writing a program to store and display family history connections in the way that I want, rather than the way most current programs offer.

In addition to my programming projects, preparing this and the related documents in HTML code is another challenge I enjoy. At the end of the day you will be the judge of my success.

I have played on and off for a period of nearly forty years, originally as a member of Gillingham Golf club, then Bearsted and finally returning to Gillingham when walking a hilly course became an imposibility.  My current handicap is eighteen and rising as a result of age but like most golfers I play above and below my handicap at random!. Gillingham golf course has changed considerably since I was last a member as a result of the loss of ground for the building of a new road. Although now somewhat short it is still a challenge due to the fairways being rather narrow.

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